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The Cause of The Nigerian Civil War Also Known As Biafra War

  • The Reason Behind The Biafra War
  • What Causes The Biafra War
  • What Year is Biafra War
  • Is Biafra War Over In Nigeria
  • Countries That Supported Nigeria Government During The War

The Nigerian Civil war also known as Biafra war

It came to a point in 1966 when the Eastern part of Nigeria cannot endure the marginalization of the ruling military leader Gen Yakubu Gowon, the secessionist led by Lt Col Chukwu Emeka Ojukwu who felt the Igbo’s can no longer co-exist with the northern part of the country.

What Causes The Biafra War

This started after Nigeria gained independence from British but the first coup which occurred first of January 1966 and the counter coup that led to the mass killing of senior officers of both the Hausa and Fulani tribes and the counter coup that gave birth to the avenge of what the Major Gen. Aguiyi Ironsi did to the northerners kick started hatred between these tribes.
The Igbos were being given an unfair treatment in Lagos which was the capital of Nigeria as at that time.

The conflict spread from political to economy and religional hatred to the both tribe who are being involved.The anti Igbo program in the Northern Nigeria and control of oil production in the Niger Delta also paved war for this was.

Countries That Supported Nigeria Government

Nigeria fought the war and being supported by UNITED KINGDOM, Soviet Union,Israel before 1968 and East Germany and Ethiopia while the Biafra are being supported by France,China,Israel after 1968,Gabon,Haiti and Tanzania and Zambia.

Biafra used mainly child Soldiers and Civilians to fight the war,they captured many territory until they were being repel back at Ore,this place still exists till today,is now the third largest city in Ondo State, Nigeria.

Most of the bombs and guns being used by Biafra were locally made.

What Year is Biafra War?

The war lasted for 30 months before the leader of Biafra went on political asylum to Ivory Coast on 24 of January 1970, The war ended January 15,1970 when the deputy commander Philip Effiong hand over power to Nigeria government.

Is The Biafra War Over In Nigeria?

Till today the Eastern part of Nigeria are still fighting to have their own Country, one of the recent leader, Mazi Nnamidi Kanu is now in Department of State Security Service, detention in Abuja the Nigeria capital,he was forcebly reprated from Kenya late last year.

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