Man Falls Asleep In Tesla With His Car On Autopilot Ends Up Getting …

Man ends up losing his driving licence after falling asleep in Tesla with his car on autopilot ends up getting pursued by police in high speed chase

A drowsy driver in Germany had his Ilicenserevoked after he fell asleep behind the wheel ofhis Tesla – which had been driving on autopilotand accidentally led police on a 15-minutepursuit.

Police on patrol in Bamberg attempted to pullover a Tesla driving on the A70 toward Beyreuthon Dec. 28, but the driver would not respond tostop signals or the repeated blaring of horns.

Bamberg police tailed the electric vehicle forabout 15 minutes without the driveracknowledging he was being asked to pull over,according to a news release.

Officers noticed throughout the chase, the Teslahad kept the same distance from the patrol carand kept at a speed of about 68 miles per hour.It also then became clear that the driver, a 45-year-old man, had his hands off the steeringwheel and was reclining back in his seat with hiseyes shut.

After trailing behind the vehicle for about 15minutes, the man finally awoke and followed instructions from police. Following the check-up, police came to the conclusion that the man was under the influence of drugs.

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